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Mogami Cable

When you get into any level of studio complexity at all... heck, when your pedal board gets to any level of complexity at all... it gets easier to skimp on the cables you use to connect your audio devices together. But if you've been playing your instrument for long enough you've come to know how ugly a problem a flakey cable can be first hand!

So as bad as it sucks to spend money on cable that you otherwise might use to buy something cool, I've learned the hard way over the years ya just gotta do it.

Mogami cable isn't cheap - especially the platinum cable - and I can already hear you saying, "there is plenty of cable that's just as good for less money". It's just hard to afford to do the comparison yourself when it's your own hard-earned money being plunked down. All I know is, I committed to Mogami Platinum/Gold cable for every link in my audio path and it's been fantastic. I've experienced audio noise due to poor quality cables in the past... and audio noise plain-ole SUCKS... But audio noise in the STUDIO is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE, and all I know is my signal chain is pretty daw-gone quiet.


I've only had one cable go bad on me. I took it to the store (not even the one I bought it from... I bought it online) and they traded me a new cable - no questions asked. They just return it to Mogami for you. THAT, my friend, is worth the price of admission. It's becoming more and more rare that companies stand behind their products in such a manner, and when one does, I (almost!) don't care HOW much they charge - they've got my loyalty!

I absolutely recommend Mogami Cable.

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